Why Studying History is so Important

Shouldn’t bygones be bygones? This is a question that people ask themselves in relation to the study of history. Studying history is however quite important. Through it you get a bearing of how we came to be where we are. For instance you can get a sense of how the Greek civilization, the Roman era and the Roman Catholic period came to influence our present civilization.

Learn From Our Mistakes

History further helps us avoid the mistakes of our forefathers. Throughout history people have made blunders that not only cost nations and individuals in terms of capital but of lives. Studying the past shows us how for example the two world wars cost millions of lives and financial loss. Through such wars however great nations have been born and some extinguished forever. As they say the victors are the ones who write our history. You also get to arrange for the future. Strategies can be put in place to avoid or get through tragedies such as the Great Depression.

Political Evolution

Knowing our past assists in policy making. You get to find out what shaped the beliefs and culture of the past people. You find out how monarchies came to be formed in Europe, the decentralized system in most African communities or the ideas that shaped the system that the American founders set in place. History shows us who fared better among countries that chose communism as compared to those that chose capitalism.

Who Influenced the Future

Many great people have existed over the years and by reading we get to know them and their achievements. These great minds, leaders and inventors should be acknowledged since their contributions continue to awe or influence the present generation. You can see great art from Michelangelo, Van Gogh or da Vinci, great maritime feats, Great War heroes or engineering achievements. In every discipline there is a person whose work influenced entire generations.  Here is a look at some of the most influential people throughout history.

Better Thinking Skills

Studying history may help you get through life in a smarter and logical way. By knowing what went on internationally, locally and at an individual level you know what drives people to greatness. That then helps you in adjusting your lifestyle, creating goals and achieving them. Development at an individual or national level majorly stems from an in-depth knowledge of our past.

Knowing about our culture, beliefs and traditions and how they came to be is crucial. People in the past came up with these traditions to make life livable and harmonious. History helps us appreciate how the culture they formed however barbaric or primitive gave the present generation a lifeline. You shouldn’t forget your history then. Should you?